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About Our Engineering Solutions

Xdot Bearing Technologies (Xdot™) is a Charlottesville, Virginia-based engineering and technology company. We use our state-of-the-art gas foil bearings, in-house test capability, and rotordynamics consulting expertise to help you solve your most difficult project challenges.

Our team of engineers bring their best-in-class technology, expertise, and patented solutions to collaborate alongside your team throughout the entire life cycle of your project. From first fully understanding your challenges to leveraging our in-house concept, design, high speed bearing testing and prototype bearing production facilities, our services make customized engineering expertise affordable.

Xdot has developed, proven, and patented a novel foil bearing configuration that delivers cutting-edge performance while reducing customers’ risk as well as development and production costs when compared to traditional bump foil designs. Our unique foil bearing configuration has more design flexibility, is easier to build, and has fewer parts than conventional bump foil designs. This translates to more efficient use of your project time and money.

Xdot Air and Process Gas Lubricated Foil Bearings can help you design a faster, cleaner, more efficient machine for your application.

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Key Successes

  • Xdot has been helping companies with foil bearing machine development since 2003. We shipped the first Xdot designed bearing to a customer in 2014 and executed our first technology license in 2019.
  • By the end of 2020, we had shipped over 750 Xdot designed and produced foil bearings to customers around the globe.
  • We hold four US patents and two European patents for our unique bearing technology.
  • Xdot has evaluated the rotordynamics performance of hundreds of rotating machines, ranging from small high-speed machines operating at nearly 500,000 rpm to a nuclear steam turbine generator train weighing nearly 1,000,000 pounds.

We thrive on challenges, and are happiest when working on solving problems that seem unsolvable. Are you facing a difficult problem? Let us help you solve it!

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Our Mission: Make Superior Engineering Solutions Accessible

Xdot Bearing Technologies has operated since 2003 with one clear mission: providing foil bearing and rotordynamics engineering expertise and solutions to customers of any size.

Our Goals:

  • Serve as the premier value-added supplier for foil bearings
  • Partner with clients to provide rotordynamics consulting expertise and, custom analyses to evaluate and improve hundreds of rotating machines in industrial, aerospace, consumer, and medical industries
  • Deliver customized solutions or near off-the-shelf foil bearings as well as patented products to meet our customers’ toughest challenges

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Training & Professional Development

Xdot offers a variety of practical rotordynamics short courses and training tailored to your needs. These courses help participants understand the rotordynamics of the machines your company builds, buys, or maintains. These customized courses can range from a half day to three days in length and can be delivered remotely or on-site.

PDH/CEU credits may be available.

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