Low Cost/High Performance Foil Bearings

We understand that foil bearings developed for aerospace applications are frequently too costly for commercial and industrial machinery. We know that no matter how good the performance of a machine is, it won't sell if it costs too much or does not offer a significant advantage. If a competitor can achieve lower, but still acceptable, performance at significantly lower cost, then this is what customers will buy. Likewise, if the new unproven machine does not have some significant advantage, it will not sell.

One of our goals is to develop high performance foil bearings that enable new levels of performance in oil-free, compact, high speed machines at an industrial/commercial price point. Leveraging a novel bearing developed and tested in support of a Phase I Navy STTR project, we believe we are well on our way to achieving this goal.

Bearing and Rig
70 kRPM Thrust Bearing Test Rig

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