What Hydrodynamic Foil Bearings Do

Advantages of Foil Bearings

Air and process gas lubricated foil bearings can operate under the most demanding system requirements.
They allow very high shaft surface speeds which can allow you to reduce machine size and improve rotordynamics.

These high-performance bearings are suitable for many high-speed applications up to 500 kW.

Foil Bearings have been under development since the 1960s, and are used for many applications including:

  • Aircraft pressurization and environmental control
  • Microturbine generators
  • Cryogenic expanders
  • High-speed blowers

Foil Bearings have a wide range of advantages:

Find out how Xdot Air and Process Gas Lubricated Foil Bearings can help you design a faster, cleaner, more efficient machine for your application.