Problem 2: Validate new bearing designs

What was the customer’s key problem? An oil and gas industry customer wanted initial validation of new bearing designs as a component.

What was Xdot’s solution? Like many of our customers, this company lacked the in-house capability to fully evaluate new bearing designs.  For this client, Xdot provided analysis and subscale testing of large, polymer lined, water lubricated bearings to maximize bearing reliability.

Xdot brought our extensive foil bearing test experience to advise the customer on best practices for testing and to develop a thorough analysis plan.  We used our own cutting-edge high-speed bearing test facilities to evaluate the customer’s new bearing design.  We were able to offer guidance for next steps based on the test results and our own expertise about bearing design.   

Depending on customer needs, Xdot can produce new test rigs for testing in our Charlottesville facility or deliver custom bearing test rigs to customers.

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