Problem 6: Increase employee rotordynamic capabilities

What is the key problem? Multiple companies have contacted Xdot with training needs, ranging from the most basic rotordynamics to advanced engineering. 

What was Xdot’s solution? At Xdot, we know that rotordynamics and foil bearing technology are not exactly common knowledge, even for engineers.  We pride ourselves on being able to break down advanced concepts and deliver training to meet a variety of learning needs.  

Xdot can develop custom workshops to meet your specific goals.  We’ve trained hundreds of people.  Our custom courses typically last from a half day up to three days in length.  Courses can be delivered virtually or on-site.  Our custom courses have included working with a partner to present a tailored three-day class for an aerospace client and a two-day class for a DoD prime contractor.  Topics can range from rotordynamics for non-engineers to advanced topics such as bearing development and analysis.  

We also offer these standard courses:

  • An annual four-day rotordynamics short course
  • One-day Dyrobes® software class 

Don’t let your lack of in-house expertise stop you from solving rotordynamics problems!  Learn more about how Xdot can help you with training to support design, development, and troubleshooting of a broad range of rotating machinery.