Rotodynamic Analysis Consulting and Research

Ensuring that a piece of rotating machinery will run smooth and stable is a key to ensuring long life and high reliability (unless you are trying to build a paint shaker). Xdot's rotordynamic analysis services can help you ensure that your machines will run smoothly. We have analyzed machines and machinery trains ranging from a 1200 MW nuclear steam turbine train with a rotating assembly weight of over 1.25 million pounds, down to rotors weighing less than a pound.

We use a combination of in-house analysis tools, along with Dyrobes to quickly and accurately perform all of the "standard" analyses, along with some things that are somewhat unique.

Our capabilities include:

Lateral Analysis

  • Undamped critical speeds and mode shapes
  • Damped critical speeds and mode shapes
  • Stability analysis
  • Forced response due to unbalance, shaft bow, side forces, etc.
  • Transient/nonlinear analysis for squeeze film dampers, blade loss, rotor drop, large amplitude responses
  • Active magnetic bearings

Torsional Analysis

  • Undamped critical speeds and mode shapes
  • Campbell diagrams
  • Steady-state response and fatigue life
  • Start-up transient analysis
  • Electrical fault transient analysis

Bearing Analysis and Optimization

  • Hydrodynamic (oil, water, etc.) fixed geometry bearings
  • Tilting pad bearings
  • Rolling element (ball) bearings
  • Active Magnetic Bearings
  • Foil Bearings

Unusual, complex and/or difficult analyses that others may not have the tools to do

  • Two input planetary gearbox torsional dynamics
  • Large parametric studies
  • Coupled torsional lateral analysis