Problem 4: Ensure bearing and equipment reliability

What is the key problem? Various customers needed a rotordynamics consultant to ensure equipment reliability and prevent “shake and break.”

What was Xdot’s solution? We support clients who don’t have in-house rotordynamics expertise to help ensure new and existing rotating machinery will run reliably and with low vibration so that it does not “shake and break.”  Xdot strives to help our client teams solve problems both in design and in the field.

We have partnered with:

  • An oil and gas client by completing an independent rotordynamics audit.
  • A medical device supplier by providing rotordynamics consulting to their team.
  • A customer developing a new high speed ball bearing machine that was experiencing problems.  Xdot was able to improve the rotordynamics characteristics to reduce vibration.
  • A client in the consumer products space with an unidentified vibration problem; Xdot showed that the problem was structural and not rotordynamics.

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