Why Xdot?

Why choose Xdot Bearing Technologies for your current or next engineering project? Beyond our expertise, our patented and measurable foil bearing product solutions, and our training courses, our clients tell us they come to Xdot for our reliability and accessibility.

We help create customized solutions to solve your unique challenges. We  provide support for Xdot or third party bearing products and solutions. We are here for you, because our mission of making superior engineering solutions available to all won’t happen if you don’t have the support and service you need during AND after your project. 

Xdot Delivers Accessible Engineering Expertise

We believe innovation and technology should be available to everyone, so Xdot engineers deliver customizable and scalable design and product solutions.  The expertise and knowledge of  Xdot’s engineering team delivers best-in-class technology solutions to solve your toughest project challenges.

Collaboration and Intellectual Property

Xdot’s team is your go-to partner for responsive customer service throughout your project’s life cycle and beyond. Our engineers are accessible and our engineering solutions approach supports you working alongside Xdot’s expert engineers if you would like. We feel it is important for your engineers to understand how our bearing works in your machine.  Where applicable, we can license intellectual property so you can control  your own idea, design, and product.

Xdot Delivers In-House Design, Testing, and Production

Xdot brings in-house design, testing, and prototype production expertise to your team to help reduce risk and make more efficient use of your time and budget.

Xdot Produces Superior Air and Process Gas Lubricated Foil Bearings

Xdot’s patented air and process gas lubricated foil bearing design products have been tested and can be customized to allow your project’s unique design needs to be met. The result is a superior bearing product that is accurate and dependable with long-lasting performance

At Xdot Bearing Technologies, we take our foil bearings all the way from development to design to production. Historically, teams who wanted to create machines using foil bearings found themselves up against prohibitive cost, manufacturing, and design challenges. We listened to their concerns and developed our unique, high-performance design to address our customer needs. 

Stock sizing

We are developing a set of configurable stock sizes that often allow us to efficiently customize a proven bearing to meet the specific needs of new and existing machines.

Custom sizing

If our stock sizes don’t fit your needs, we can produce a custom-sized bearing. Our hardware experience is backed up with analytical capability so that we get it right the first time, not after a costly build-and-bust development.

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